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Chase by HepatitusSundae Chase :iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 4 0 White Corner by HepatitusSundae White Corner :iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 2 0 [[[[[[[.]]]]]]] by HepatitusSundae [[[[[[[.]]]]]]] :iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 1 0 Drum Roll For The Cinnamon Roll by HepatitusSundae Drum Roll For The Cinnamon Roll :iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 3 0 Erio's Grammar Waterfall by HepatitusSundae Erio's Grammar Waterfall :iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 1 0
trip the mountain
ceramic salt shakers balancing on an ostrich egg awl trip the mountain and it will fall upwards into the potted plants where the doctors make couch cushion pants and the granola bars dance to 90s salsa music and the kool-aid man is sick the fat on the revolver is thick chewed up metal stick trapped in the brain cells miniature jail cells snort the saw dust warm mango gust gorilla knuckles covered in rust apply the corn oil to the crispy tin foil pictures taken by kangaroos of wallaroos and octopus glues stick the pages to the spine front door made of pine marshmallow sewage grime only for a dime that's in a grocery store bag wood varnish the hag and the bulletproof stag cut the antlers off of the ink basin horse vertebrae tracing and wheelbarrel racing
:iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 0 0
Pie :D
there's a nazi baking pies and one is all mines wait a minute
:iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 1 0
a clown has died
crying folks, candles, and flowers circling the funeral home a clown has died his appendix blown but boy was that a funny show
:iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 1 0
cow gut showers
deconstructing the farmers shed and turn it into a million skis for all the cab drivers drinking tea in the oceanic breeze rotate the milk until you sneeze out the ostrich feather cut up the old man's favorite leather rename him heather and say goodbye to bad weather up in the highlands of new orleans lived a mountain goat that drowned in water and beans grape jellyfish teepee rehydrate your eyes with cat pee chop up the juniperberry fairy sell it to my homeboy larry and hairy gary will show you some bad quality scat porn adorn your bath robe and get the metal rope the pig and the lumberjack will elope to africa and ebola will strike out the pins yellow grins like the ones from the cats high in their towers they have laserbeam powers and cow gut showers make a dog trachea into a flute put a snail in a butter chute shoot the arrow into the peach pit eat the sandy grit thats under your skin buy a brand new pen write "french fries and daisies" on everything even the dead thing down by the
:iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 0 0
wavy ear nibblers
homeless barber made of sugar selling salt and pepper to the junky red snapper down in the vertical alley in the center of the cactus valley there was a little boy who hugged a scarecrow because his parents didnt love him the lights are dim celery stalk brim make roy a hat of the finest palm trees yellow giant fleas devouring crunchy bees wrapped in mulberry leaves
:iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 0 0
the mole has laid eggs
copy and pasta the anteaters journal
into a swine flu urinal
frosted frogs stapled to the shoe
twisted egg stew
eat the crayon that's blue
tuna fish sandwich poptarts
rusty rain vacuum
yellow wax heirloom
ceramic goat hearts
dolphins playing darts
targets on your eyelids
only fix the dead kids
fizzy apple pear
watermelon interjections
blind gerbil's glare
cyclops celery stare
boiled pubic hair
follow the instructions
build a shelf
molest an elf
biological incisions in the stone
give the dog a bone
putrefied crab boil
petrified scab oil
consume the soil
the mole has laid eggs
mushroom flavored coin
papercut flamingo legs
sandpaper pork loin
vaseline butterfly groin
growing eyebrows in a spice garden
icecream will soften
grape seeds will darken
let the sugar harden
barn yard vasectomy
redneck sodomy
buy the newspaper
headline says cheeseburger raper
dish sponge soaked in guacamole
the sink is moldy
vinegar filled cyst
rusty ham switch
broken wrist
hyper-extended witch
meaty fluid gurglin
:iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 0 0
Pearl Flavored Mechanics by HepatitusSundae Pearl Flavored Mechanics :iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 2 0 Azusa Wrath by HepatitusSundae Azusa Wrath :iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 3 1
Dream Log #5
In this dream it was always night never day.
My family was living in my grandma's basement. The basement has a door leading outside. A man started knocking on the door and we didn't answer. He left. Then a different man came and another and another and so on. At one point they stopped and we had the door open. The yellow light from the street lights coming in through the door. Then the first man came back and knocked on the open door and looked in. My Dad chased him out and called the police. My grandma had us move upstairs. She rented the basement out to a bald middle eastern man. I was on the front porch then police cars pulled up out front. Police ran in the basement and arrested the man and left. This happened again a few more times and I woke up.
:iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 0 0
Dream Log #4
I lived in an amusement park in a tent under a roller coaster. My family went to this ride where it was like a mile long water slide but the slide was really wide like a river and I was really scared to ride it. The line only consisted of us, bald black boys (around the age of 10), and fat middle aged white men. I watched people go down and fly through the air on insane ramps. Thankfully I woke before it was our turn.
:iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 0 0
Empty ~Dream Log #3~
I was at my grandmas house and was walking to this liquor store (like a 8 minute walk) and it was nighttime when i got there. The owner was sitting outside and the store was completely empty not even shelves or lights were there. I walked around in there looking at it then a dude ran in and tried robbing it. I ran out and he shot the owner and started chasing me and i woke up.
:iconhepatitussundae:HepatitusSundae 1 0



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United States

I love making music, drawing, taking pictures, databending, spriting, and doing photo manipulations~!
My music
get a really big and really strong speaker. then put mashed potatoes in the woofer then play on maximum volume a super hard bass kick and watch the mashed potatoes go everywhere.


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